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Recommendations of the manufacturer:


  • Never leave the mattress more than a month in the same position. Ideally, rotate every 15 days for the first 4 months of use and then repeat the procedure every 30 days;

  • The rotation of the mattress shall be at 180º;

  • If the mattress is used on both sides it shall be rotated, interspersed with the rotation movements;

  • Whenever you change your bedding we advise you to let the mattress breathe and air it for a few hours;

  • Vacuum the mattress periodically as this is the recommended cleaning method and helps to remove dust and mites;

  • Use a mattress protector/guard to protect your mattress and make it more hygienic and easy to clean;

  • Prevent children from jumping or standing on the mattress;

  • Prevent your pets from using the mattress;

  • Do not bend the mattress so as not to damage its structure. 

Just like other products, mattresses are not able to fulfill their functions infinitely. Due to the continuous use it is natural that over time your mattress will lose firmness and elasticity. To ensure the quality of your sleep we recommend that you change your mattress every 5 - 8 years.

Signs indicating that you should change mattress:

  • Is the mattress losing firmness?

  • Are you waking up in pain?

  • Do you wake up tired again and again?

  • Do you feel unevenness on the surface of the mattress?

  • Can you see deep body marks on the mattress or can you see wear marks on the mattress?

  • Are you starting to feel any signs of bedtime allergies?

  • Notice any stains on the mattress?

  • Do you hear noises when you move?

A positive answer to all the above questions indicates that it’s time to change your mattress. To reinforce that the improper use of your mattress makes it shorten the life time of it, so we advise you to follow our recommendations.

What to do at the end of life of the mattress?

  • If the mattress is in good condition it may be donated;

  • If the mattress is no longer in condition, you should contact your residents to see if they collect it or where to take it;

  • Another option is the possibility of recycling it.


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