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Cuida bem de si

More than 50 years caring you!

Ednis Factory

The CLIMAX brand, created in 1968, has acquired over the years of existence a vast experience in the manufacture and commercialization of mattresses, bases, sommiers and headboards. We are currently in what is one of the largest factories in Europe, the Aquinos group.

There are more than 50 years of immense dedication and a permanent focus on the research and production of mattresses using the latest raw materials and implementing innovative technologies, thus offering a range of solutions for the various biotype profiles.   Over all these years we have been able to evolve both in technology and in raw materials and we have produced around 70% of our raw materials internally, in this way we have been able to guarantee the highest quality of them.

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Cuida bem de si

Our Pillars



All of our products have been carefully designed with you and your needs in mind. From the choice of materials to the technologies used, everything was taken into account in order to provide you with the best possible comfort.



During sleep, in addition to resting, our body works to maintain the balance of the immune, endocrine, neurological system and several other functions.

Technology and Know-how

Technology and Know-how

We can say that we are one of the largest factories in Europe, producing around 5,000 mattresses per day and having a storage capacity of approximately 150,000 units, numbers that reflect our size and production capacity. This is only possible due to all the know-how we have acquired over more than 50 years and all the technological advances. This combination of know-how undertaken and the cutting-edge technology that we use has allowed us to develop the best sleep solutions at the best price.

CLIMAX takes care of your sleep, your health and yourself!

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Our products

CLIMAX develops its products from the ground up, controlling the entire process of developing raw materials from production to marketing, in this way we are able to guarantee their maximum quality.


We are guided by the certainty that the best mattress does not have to be expensive. All of our know-how and quality of raw materials have enabled us to come up with a set of products of exceptional quality at a fair price.



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