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Condições Gerais e Garantia

General Conditions and Warranty

All mattresses suffer from a period of adaptation, in this period the mattress rests and molds to the body(s) of your(s) user(s). This adjustment is normal and beneficial for a good quality of your sleep.
The adaptation process can last up to 2 to 4 weeks and it is normal that there is a variation of about 18% of the hardness level, compared to the initial hardness under normal conditions of temperature and humidity (18ºc/20ºc and 40%/60%).

Conditions of guarantee:

  • This guarantee is only valid when accompanied by the respective purchase invoice or a document proving the purchase of the product;

  • The formalisation of your request/complaint must be made at the shop where you purchased the product;

  • This warranty covers any manufacturing defect within 2 years of the purchase of the product;

  • The guarantee covers the lack of conformity, that is, product that does not meet the requirements announced, does not comply with the use for which it was manufactured or that it has defects of origin/manufacture;

  • This document is valid throughout the Portuguese territory.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage resulting from incorrect unpacking of the product, resulting for example from the misuse of sharp objects such as x-acts, knives, scissors, ...

  • Accidents involving infiltration of liquids of any kind or other chemical elements;

  • Use of inappropriate cleaning products or inappropriate washing; 

  • Inappropriate or non-compliant use of the product by the customer, this includes use by 
    animals that is discouraged;

  • Products which have undergone aesthetic and/or functional changes and repairs carried out by third parties;

  • Damage caused by an external cause to the product (shock/fall, high exposure to heat, too strong light/direct exposure to sunlight and high humidity), including natural/accidental events (e.g., fires, floods, ...);

  • Any activity that is not for domestic use, such as professional use (ex: collectivities, restaurants, laundries, ...);

  • Damage occurring during transport or during any changes;

  • Tassels and use marks on fabrics produced by contact and friction with other fabrics;

  • Mould stains produced by excess room moisture, low temperatures and lack of air circulation;

  • Mattress odors during the first days of use. Since it is normal for products to be able to exude a certain odor, it is not harmful and will disappear in a few days;

  • Height losses and body impressions/markings on the mattress less than 10% of the mattress height;

  • Display products, second-hand and sold at auction;

  • Normal aging (within tolerance).

To complete the complaint process you may be asked for photographs or additional information.
For any warranty related assistance or any other product information please contact the point of sale.

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